Monday, February 4, 2013


Genovasi which is the combination of “Generasi” and “Inovasi” or “The Innovation Generation”. Genovasi is the innovation organisation to propagate innovation and design thinking skills, creating services and solutions that improve the economy and quality of life.

The establishment of Genovasi as an innovation organisation where young Malaysians will be able to receive an induction into innovation is spearheaded by Unit Inovasi Khas (UNIK) under the Prime Minister’s office. Genovasi will provide young professionals and graduates with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to become Innovation Ambassadors via the Innovation Ambassador Development Programme.

Genovasi was established by Unit Inovasi Khas (UNIK), a unit under the Prime Minister's Department, last month. UNIK chief executive Datuk Kamal Jit Singh says that Genovasi is a way to address the shortage of innovative minds in multi-national companies (MNCs).

Genovasi will produce Innovation Ambassadors who will be catalysts for change to spread the concepts, best practices and applications of innovation. They will actively apply the innovation skills and methodologies they have learnt through Genovasi to real situations where innovation can bring about progress, a better quality of life as well as solutions for the nation.The innovation ambassadors would be the “Generasi Inovasi”, a generation of innovators  who would play an active role in enhancing and improving the country, and Genovasi would provide an avenue for youth to integrate with the nation, offering their passion and commitment to build a Malaysia that is able to reach for the stars.


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